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Radisson Blu Hotel, Sopot, Sopot
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29 Sept 2023
30 Sept 2023



Dry sauna. Also known as a Finnish sauna, featuring very high temperature and quite low humidity. Become a regular guest and you will strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation and cleanse your body of toxins and impurities. This ritual has one more great advantage – it is an irreplaceable means of improving well-being. Use at least once a week, regardless of the season.

Herbal sauna. In this room, your body will be pampered by fragrant essential oils mixed with delicate steam. Breathe in the herbal aromas and you will be feel a pleasant wave of deep relaxation pass through your whole body. This place features a mid-temperature range and slightly higher air humidity than a dry sauna.

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We have created this space, drawing knowledge and inspiration from the master designers of the thermal baths of ancient Rome. Step inside and relax on comfortable stone heated loungers. Feel how pleasant warmth, combined with low humidity and colour therapy carries you away towards a state of deep relaxation. The tepidarium is the perfect place to enjoy a short rest and prepare the body for a proper sauna bath.


Rassoul therapy is a real regenerative torpedo. Combining the beneficial effects of steam, mud clays and whole body peeling, it brings very deep relaxation, calming both the body and the mind. Start by applying the beneficial clays or algae and let them dry. This stage is for warming up, and during it the dead layers of the epidermis are exfoliated and the pores are deeply cleansed. Then enjoy the increased humidity in the air - this is the moment of hydration. The applied mud softens – it is great for thoroughly massaging your body, to obtain a peeling effect. Finally, remove the algae and enjoy revitalised, cleansed skin. This last step is called watering.



Your circulatory and immune systems will just adore this place. We know that you will want to keep coming back here after experiencing the wonderful relaxation and deep regeneration offered by this treatment. The Finnish sauna is located in the house outside. You will experience pleasantly high temperatures here, after which you can cool down in the shower. Repeat the process several times to get the most from it. In this sauna we also organise aromatic sauna rituals.


A shower of sensations
Showering doesn't have to be a boring routine! As the water touches your body, let us surprise your other senses. Our shower of sensations is a spectacular experience with light effects and scents of essential oils that promote relaxation and restore vitality.

Kneipp path
This ritual has tremendous healing and therapeutic properties. Surprise your body with water that varies in temperature to stimulate circulation and offer a fully natural regenerative treatment. The procedure involves entering basins with hot and cold water with a temperature difference of 16-18 degrees Celsius.

After hot baths in the sauna or bath, rub the body with ice cubes. Feel how you stimulate circulation, boosting the oxygenation of the whole body.

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